The Most Famous Wedding Dresses

Throughout history wedding dresses have been the most coveted accessory in all weddings. The groom may be handsome and the flowers will smell lovely, but the dress is what steals the show.   Bystanders and fans anticipate, discuss, and speculate months prior to the actual wedding.  Once seen, designer dresses can cause style trends in the general public for years to come.

Royal Fashion

Ask any woman and I bet they can name their favorite wedding dresses.  The most famous have always belonged to the rich and famous and usually – royalty.  The list of famous royal dresses is long and they have shown a timelessness and fashion rarely seen elsewhere.  Some of the most famous royal wedding dresses set fashion trends that have never left.  The most famous of these dresses have been worn by:

  • Queen Victoria – In 1840 Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress cementing it as the traditional wedding color to this very day.
  • Queen Elizabeth II – This famous dress was adorned with over 10,000 imported white pearls, silver thread, and embroidery.
  • Diana, Princess of Wales – Diana single handedly brought back the trend of long trains, as hers measured a staggering 25 feet.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge – Kate wore a dress from a current popular designer, Sarah Dutton.  The design was modest, yet beautiful, and featured full lace sleeves with a plunging neckline.

American Royalty

While not actual royalty, these women might as well have been to the American public.  They exuded a beauty and style that has captivated those in North America and abroad since the 1950’s.  To this day many of their dresses are still replicated.  With their iconic effortless style they have withstood the test of time.  Some of the more famous dresses of all time have belonged to classic beauties, such as, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn.

Current Celebrity

In more recent years, popular culture and film celebrities have been making a splash with some of their dresses.  It has become trendy to do something a little more daring and cutting edge, and the trend has caught on.  With styles like those worn by Gwen Steffani, with her gowns bright pink gradiation,  and Kim Kardashian’s dress with the lace cutout sides, younger women have felt empowered to branch out into less classic styles for their very own gowns.    However, there will always be those that stand by the more classic styles but embellish them with their own twist.  It is not uncommon to add impressive details, including Swarovski crystals and intricate embroidery.  Dresses like those worn by Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, and Olympic swimmer turned Her Serene High Princess Charlene of Monaco.

When looking at all of the gowns and dresses that have become iconic it is clear that they all have several points in common.  Yet their most significant overlapping quality is that, while they are timeless, elegant, and beautiful, they are also uniquely perfect for the woman that wore the dress.

Dress Trends for Spring Summer 2014


Spring and summer is just around the corner. It is time for fashionistas to do a wardrobe refresh in accordance to the season. The question would always be – What’s the latest trends for Spring/Summer 2014?

Since we are getting closer to the sun, don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses. It is essential especially when you are hitting the beach and you are planning to do tremendous activities under the sun. It is best to use polarized sunglasses as they will reduce the glare and prevent you from straining your eyes from too much brightness. These glasses are both stylish and useful at the same time. Polarized sunglasses can easily be found at stores since it is in season.

The power of the colors

s the temperature goes hot, wear comfortable classy dresses that will make your skin breathe. Choose from a varierty of knee-length dresses. Icy pastel colors are proving their way to this year’s season. Combine it with hints of luscious pink. The good thing about pastel colors is that you can easily pull of a fashionable look whether you choose to wear that baby blue polo or that lilac trousers you’ve been eyeing for a long time. The light hues is very much pleasing to the eye. The power of the colors black and white remains at their throne. Coming up with a corporate or classic look with these colors are easy.

Tons of spring and summer trends

Layering is also a hit for spring. Pair off your casual jeans or your flowing skirts with your jackets that comes in a plethora of designs. Mix and match them with your classy trousers and button down polos. Bomber jackets and collarless coats will give you a more edgy look. Wear solid colors if you want to be fashion safe but you can also bring out excitement with prints and embellishments. For a versatile look, wear shift blouses. Show it off on a coffee date or a day at work. You can easily find tons of spring and summer trends in your favorite designer stores. If you don’t feel like taking a walk, you can also check out what’s hot in the fashion industry in some beauty and fashion blogs. Get your creative mind going this season.

Girls’ fashion

Girls know that fashion does not limit to stylish clothes. A trip to the salon for a mani-pedi treatment is always on the list during summer and spring. Before you avail your nail polish session, equip yourselves with the hottest nail colors to flaunt this season. Mint colors are in style as well as nude polish and cherry red colors. Shimmer it up with glitters and sparkles. Perfectly done nails will match your summer and spring wearable. Time to stock up your nail polish organizer with the lovable colors mentioned.

Make your fashion statement this season a head-turning one and gain that confidence and self-esteem. Spring and summer is a wonderful season to go out, travel and meet new people. Impress them with your beauty and style.

Best organic face wash available

Our face

Our face is definitely the most important part of our personality because people perceive us from the way our face looks. A person having a glowing skin and blemish free face is always appreciated and commands a sense of confidence. Thus, taking care of the face and especially its skin is of utmost important for every man and woman irrespective of their age group. The most essential part of daily skin care is cleansing and the process of cleansing requires a face wash. There are a number of face washes available in the market for different types of skin but sometimes these products do more harm than good because these products have a lot of chemical content which is undesirable for our skin.

The need of face wash

Thus the need of the hour is the face wash i.e. made from 100% natural and chemical free ingredients and this requirement is fulfilled by organic face wash. Organic face wash is definitely the most desirable grooming product that one needs to include in their daily cleaning process as it has no side effects and is not harmful for the face’s skin which is mostly very sensitive. It is however a very difficult task to determine best organic face wash because all organic face washes and cleansers available in the market serve a different purpose. However we’ve tried to compile few of the best organic face wash for your help:

  • Desert Essence Organic face wash

The first to make it to our list of best organic face wash is the product by desert essence. As the name suggests this face wash is especially made to dry out skin of people having too much oil on the skin. The face wash contains natural tea tree oil ingredients that not only control oil but also minimizes chances of breakouts and acne on one’s skin. This organic face wash is definitely a blessing for the people having acne and blemish prone skin.

  • Korres facial cleanser

If you don’t like involving too much steps in your daily cleaning routine then this natural face wash is definitely made for you. This product not only removes all the layers of makeup on one’s skin but also cleanses and moisturizers the entire face’s skin in one go. A great time saver indeed!

  • Earth Science Clarifying Face Wash

Just like its name, this face wash look like a tribute to the earth because it is made up of 100% natural and side effect free ingredients. This product is made out from a great formula that makes the skin smooth and refreshing without leaving any traces of dryness which is a common problem among most of its contemporaries. The main ingredients of this face wash are lavender, cucumber extracts, rosemary extracts, aloe juice and zinc sulphate etc. Thus all these ingredients make its user’s skin healthy, smooth and glowing like never before!

We hope that this exclusive list of best organic face wash helps you to find the best product for your daily skin care routine. We wish you all have a healthy and glowing skin.

Wanna make your skin look radiant & healthy, try La mer tinted moisturizer

Why tinted moisturizers?

For those looking for all-inclusive skin-treatment, using tinted moisturizers is a fair deal. These moisturizers not only keeps the skin well-hydrated but also, provides protection from the sun. Especially, during summer season when people want something nice-N-healthy for their skin which isn’t too sticky, the tinted moisturizers are the best picks.

Thus, for those who are searching for a “BEST” product for their skin type, here is all about the super-best moisturizer you can cherry-pick. First and foremost, let’s find out what makes tinted moisturizer a great skin-care item?

Tinted moisturizers are quite beneficial for skin in many aspects, offering the much-needed nourishment, protection, radiance and moisture. Basically, the tinted moisturizers are a type of lotion which ensures that your skin is well-hydrated & radiant in all the seasons. Since, it brings a golden summer radiance, the tint of these moisturizers emerges as a temporary tanning lotion. We all know about the harsh UV rays and how harmful are these to our skin, the protective SPF shield of tinted moisturizers keeps the skin well-protected from the sun.

The best part…

The best part of tinted moisturizers is that it is funneled with nourishing agents, including vitamin extracts, soothing aloe elements, relaxing cucumber extract and other essential ingredients which can make your skin healthy. With all the nutrition provided by the tinted moisturizers, the skin can stay all radiant, beautiful and healthy in both winter & summer seasons. These also act as foundation endorsing smooth and clear look. To conclude, this product is undoubtedly a must-have skin treatment.

Tinted Moisturizers are great but which one to pick?

With endless options available in the market, surely deciding one best is a nerve-wrecking task. So, here is a great deal, la mer tinted moisturizer. Of all the tinted moisturizers available over the retail market and the WWW e-shops, La Mer tinted moisturizer is the ultimate product. When it comes to skincare treatments, La Mer is quite a well-known name providing quality products at much affordable price.

The benefits of La Mer

Benefits offered by the La Mer tinted moisturizer

Let’s enlighten ourselves with the sure-shot reasons which make this product the best pick for you and your skin.

  • Shades

Unlike other products offering only two shades one for fair skin and one for wheatish complexion. There are 3 different shades available for this product which efficiently matches the different skin tones. Also, it possesses strong blending powers which help in bringing-out natural yet radiant look.

  • Texture Being

The water-based formula of La Mer tinted moisturizer endorses light yet moist texture which is very easy to apply. Not just easy application, the absorption power of this water based and light textured moisturizer is simply great. Unlike other beauty products which make your skin dry & powdery, the La Mer product gives a very radiant and healthy appearance.

  • Finesse

A gentle application of this product makes your skin look all-glowy & luminous. The hollow photosonic spheres protects your skin against harmful UV rays.

  • Coverage & Lasting Power

For every make-up item, if it’s effect doesn’t last for pretty good time, it is sheer waste. With La Mer products even after 15-16 hours of wear, your skin appears radiant & smooth rather than looking cakey or powdery.


La Mer Tinted Moisturizer is that skin care product which will keep your skin look healthy & radiant.

What’s the Difference Between a Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Etc?

Perfume, Eau de Parfum, or EDP is the most expensive scent because it contains the highest density of perfume concentrate – between 15 and 40% with the highest percent comes the highest prices You will need much less of it and apply it more infrequently to accomplish the same task as the other types of scent. Many perfume manufacturers say a perfume should be replaced after one year but a good quality product could last many years.

• Eau de toilette (EDT) contains from 7 to 15 % of the perfume concentrate and does provide a less costly option that has a scent that will linger much longer than the lesser options.
• Eau de cologne also known as eau fraiche and is often mistaken for EDT but it contains a much lower concentration of perfume oil-with 1 to 6%. This fragrance is combined with citrus oils and EDT contains no citrus products.
• Body splash is another scented product in order for the smell to linger it will have to be applied throughout the day but it is also much less costly than other options.

The carrier agent for all the above products is either alcohol or ethanol with perfume containing the lower amount and the cheaper options a progressively higher percent of the carrier. A perfume will have a different reaction to each person’s body chemistry therefore a perfumes scent can vary slightly depending on things like the foods you eat, hormonal changes, and medications being used.

Hair can hold a scent much longer than any other place on your body, by some reports, up to one week. The way a scent smells when it is first applied is often referred to as the “top note” which will normally last between 5 and 30 minutes. The heart or middle note will last the longest and will take up to about 30 minutes to develop in full. This is the time that dictates the rate of evaporation and how long the scent will last through the light note-the holding time. A scent can sometimes be described as “Linear” meaning that it does not conform to this traditional scale. Bass note scents are stronger such as patchouli oil, oakmoss, woods, musk, and vanilla.

There are several classification systems in place to grade scents but most agree that there are seven distinct families consisting of greens, floral, Chypre, tobacco/leather, Oriental, Fougere, and Aldeydics.

Perfume is a mixture of essential oil with scent, stabilizers, and solvents or alcohol. Scents of some form have been used at least since early Mesopotamian times. Archeologists have discovered a perfumery of about 43,000 sq. feet in Cyprus containing more than 60 stills, as well as numerous mixing bowls, funnels, and perfume bottles more than 4,000 years old.

The scents used then came from flowers or almonds and herbs. The first known perfume chemist is a woman named Tapputi mentioned on a cuniform tablet dating back to the second millennium. Perfume in Europe has been made in one form or another since as early as 1221 according to old recipes from monks and became an industry in the 14th century. The perfume as we know it has been produced since the late 1800’s using scents derived from vanillin and coumarin to obtain scents would be unavailable from natural sources.for more information on perfume products click here

What Fragrance Should You Wear on a Date?

For Ladies:

The perfume you wear can set the tone for the evening or the afternoon and a first impression is a lasting one. You can convey a subtle message to your new prospective partner and you have the ability to decide what that message will be. The scent should be one that defines you, is a product that you like and will feel comfortable wearing; but there are other considerations as well.we also have a bunch of best polarized sunglasses. for more information about sunglasses go here..Possibly the worst way to start a relationship is by your prospective partner having to turn away from you to get a breath of fresh air or even becoming ill due to an overwhelming perfume. Let your new friend know that you are a woman who is warm vibrant, and confidant but in a subtle way. Too bold or brash should be avoided at least for starters; light and breezy will help to keep things on a more intimate level. Some scents are a good choice for anytime and will help set a light and easy mood any time of day.

• Coach Poppy Blossom Eau de Parfum sparkles! And with this light floral scent you cannot go wrong-it will set a tone of romance in the air that your partner will find very appealing and is great for any hour.
• Daisy by Marc Jacobs is clean, very light, and flirtatious with just a hint of floral and a great choice whether in the afternoon or evening.
• Escada Ibiza Hippie has an energy about it that fringes on being explosive and this has been my favorite for years- green vibrancy, musk, cranberry, hyacinth, leachy nuts and Sandalwood, with the warming power of nutmeg are all notes that are sensually whispered here This seasonal product is a perfect choice for any time of day as well
• Calvin Klein Euphoria is a sensual, unique and original product hinting of fun, glamour, mystery the scents of pomegranate, persimmon, with hints of lush green, almost woodsy, finished with notes of floral such as black orchids and lotus making a beautiful, unforgettable original perfume
• Victoria’s very sexy secret is definitely a very good choice for the evening the floral notes are so subtle with a hint of fruit but is not at all overpowering.
• Marc Jacobs oh! Lola is a very nice flirty scent without being too bold. This amazing scent is perfect for a first date with it hitting many notes-fruity and floral with a hint of vanilla
It is better to be sure by keeping it light, flirtatious, feminine, but showing confidence as well; although with a hint of sex and mystery couldn’t hurt.

And Gentlemen:

Did you know that pheromones or your natural odor are the primary attraction between you and the opposite sex? There is a delicate balance to put out a seductive scent without hiding these natural body odors from a prospective mate. You also want to feel comfortable that you are not emitting a strong smell after a couple of hours of intense dancing. When you bath try to use an unscented soap or at least one that will complement the aftershave or cologne you are planning to wear. Too much of a good thing is not a good idea so any cologne should be used somewhat sparingly and the deodorant should have antiperspirant properties to keep the odor of bacteria minimal.
• Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio is a very masculine, woodsy mingled with herbs scent -earth, wind and fire isa note you can hit with this product.
• Ralph Lauren Polo Blue will remind her of the ocean and a fresh breeze in the air with a fresh, cool and crisp as well.
• Calvin Klein Eternity is a great choice for the office as well as for an evening out with your favorite companion. The scent very lightly hints of floral but it is also cucumber cool with a touch of citrus she will want to get a bit closer
Try to be at ease; take a lengthy bath or just relax, apprehension will not help any odor problem you may have or think you have. Apply cologne to pulse points, chest, and the nape of your neck for the best effect and it is best not to use it in high perspiration areas such as armpits because the two scents do not complement each other.

How and Where to Apply Perfume to Make It Last Longer

Scents are perishable; so try to store all your scented products in a cool, dark, and dry place to keep the product as fresh as the day it was opened. Please keep in mind that any scent you use will cause your olfactory organs to somewhat turn the scent off and you will be less likely to notice a smell than the people you come into contact with throughout the day. Any scent should last four hours but a good quality product will last up to eight hours or possibly a little longer; so do not over use any product as you may find it will reverse the effect that you want it to have.

Try to use the EDP (Eau de Parfum) version of your favorite scent if available, as it is longer lasting than an EDT (Eau de Toilette). Perfume has the highest concentration of oils in it and as a result of that it is higher priced than the EDT version of the scent. Also scents from citrus have less oil and tent to dissipate quicker than a more musky or woody scent because these have the higher concentration of oils.

How and Where?

There are many ways to prolong the scent you prefer and we’ve listed some tips that you can try and see if it works:
1. One good way to start your day is to put on the fragrance after you shower and after you moisturize because your pores are open and the perfume will seep deeper into your skins pores then.
2. Try to uses cleansers and moisturizers that complement the fragrance you are wearing or use moisturizing products that are unscented or lightly scented. It is a simple task to make the moisturizers a part of your daily routine and this will help prolong the effects.
3. Should you be living in a seasonal climate be aware that cooler temperatures the more dull the fragrance will be so you may want to use more but by applying it in layers to prolong the effect.
4. When you are wearing more clothing in the winter or fall try using the perfume behind your ears, on your wrists, in your cleavage, and behind your knees, as they are places less obstructed by clothing. Any perfume can stain some fabrics but if you lightly mist the scent onto under garments this will also help make the fragrance more lasting and you will not have to worry about discoloration.
5. Another good place is the bottom of a dress then the scent will waft up as you move. The natural oils on your skin will do the best job of defusing a scent; better than when it is used on your clothing though. You might also consider changing fragrances with the seasons by using a lighter, breezier scent in the spring and summer but change towards fall and winter by switching to a stronger or more robust more about perfume for men and women.
6. One other very good idea is to carry a small container of your favorite product with you in your purse and that way it will always be handy and you can freshen up during the day or when you need it the most.

Top 5 Fragrances for Teen Girls

Firstly the best bit of advice would be too much of a good thing it is not a turn on in any respect. Please remember that a users sense of smell will become somewhat dulled to a scent that may over whelm someone who comes into contact with you fleetingly during your day. The best idea is to use very little of any scent-particularly the first few times. A good way to apply perfumes is to spray the scent into the air and then walk through the spray.A scent can also be dabbed lightly onto the wrists and/or behind each ear for starters

The U.K. based rock group “One Direction” has just released a new fragrance just recently, which I am certain their fans will be going wild over; called “Our Moment”, and is in Harrods as of September 02 and is retailing in the small size for around twenty-one pounds. Other celebrities that have given their endorsements to fragrances include Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga all have very successful products on the market. These are just the latest in a very long line of celebrity fragrances that have been released most recently.

Elsa Mcalonan, the Daily Mail beauty editor has feedback onOur Moment’s product, which is packaged in a very feminine pink glass bottle with a tiara shaped stopper. There is a picture of the boys on one side along with some silvery/gray roses to give a hint of the contents. Elsa found the fragrance a bit overwhelming and heavy; slightly reminiscent of “candy floss and frangipani”-remaining strong even after one hour after the application; which she found a bit “cloying”. Do not be swayed by anycelebrity endorsement but do not overlook them either!Be sure to pick a scent that you feel suites your needs and your personality because there are almost unlimited possibilities out there and many that you can use with confidence.

I have listed five other scents that which are recommended by many sources as good places to start your explorations. All are well worth trying particularly if you can try a sample before parting with any of you money.

• Victoria’s Secret Supermodel-is a great product for the young and young at heart Also “Pink” by VS is a good choice-it is a mix of fruit, berries, sandalwood with a hint of floral and peaches-it is certain to leave a subtle message that will linger after you have gone.
• Abercrombie & Fitch – “8 perfume” is a product that should not be overlooked for use anytime. The scent is natural, light and pretty with a slight hint of innocent sex.
• Chanel Chance is a happy and slightly sweet scent but light hearted all in one. This is possibly a winter or fall scent anda very thick liquid so a little goes a long way.
• Viva La Juicy Perfume by Juicy Couture- comes in a golden glass vessel to die for! It smells delicious and is priced right for you as well but the scent of Jasmine caramel sandalwood and praline says extravagant-light-charming
• Christian Dior – Miss Dior Cherie is a unique scent done by someone with a thorough understanding of body chemistry. A pretty blend of patchouli, musk and citrus beautifully combined.
Make certain to pick something that is appropriate for your age group and remember that excessive use will not have the successful result that you would like.

New Fashion Trends for Men and Women

Fashion trends is something which we all like to follow and improve our personality according to latest fashion trends, then be it for women or men. However, styling your personality with latest fashion trends should be done according to what really suits your personality, looks and are you comfortable enough to carry those fashion accessories? And most of all, it should enhance your overall appearance rather than jeopardizing it. There are online magazine publishers and fashion trends guides which you can follow to find latest fashion trends for women and more about classy dresses straight from the source.

Even though there are so many fashion accessories available that goes well with ongoing fashion trends but unique dresses, shoes, handbags and jewelries are the ones that get the most lime light by fashion designers and stylists from different counties. The reason why people usually emphasize on shoes, handbags and dresses for latest fashion trends because they are the important part of your personality and the way you carry yourself they help you immensely to set a fashion trends for others to follow and most importantly, to look good and attractive.

Latest Fashion Trends for Women’s Handbags and Purses

Finding unique handbags and purses for your dresses, outfits, evening dresses or any other party wear is always a difficult task, but if you are in search for something unique and little different, there are hundreds of different brands and companies out in the market that manufacture beautifully designed and crafted handbags and purses that you can purchase online as well as from your local fashion accessories retail stores. Even though mass produced fashion accessories are all over the places these days and in that case buying in trend fashion handbags from online retailers can be extremely good for you, as there are different online outlets and brand stores with wide range of selections and varieties for handbags and purses.

Latest Fashion Trends for Men

The race between latest fashion trends for men and women is always on, because the consumer demand is really huge in the particular market and that is the reason why designers and bigger brands are always eager to launch their new fashion ranges for clothing, watches, jewelry and other fashion accessories. Latest fashion trends for men actually depend a lot on the ongoing seasons like spring, summer or winter fashion trends. However, designer business suits, denims, leather jackets, wallets, designer belts and shoes for men are always one of those fashion segments that are given importance by people and fashion designers all over the world.

On the other side to buy latest fashion trends accessories for men you have the ease of buying them online these days. As most famous brands have their online ecommerce websites setup where they showcase their most recent fashion clothing and accessories range with wide range of selection which you can buy online easily with free secure and reliable shipping facility.

Crackle Nail Polish

The world of nail polish goes through various trends as women look to their nails to make fashion statements and add bold color to their outfits. Crackle nail polish is one of these various interesting trends that can provide extra pop and color to an outfit.

When people look to add a small amount of color to an outfit or want to make a bold fashion statement, they use their nails and the newest trend to come to the market is crackle nail polish. People will add on fake nails to make their nails longer and will press on various decals. Some women even bedazzle their nails with small gems and fake stones. These trends come and go, with new ones replacing old ones at a rapid rate.

Crackle nail polish is unique in the sense that it adds a completely new test to the way that women approach their nails. Generally, people try to make their nails as pretty and pristine as possible, working to completely control every section of their nail. This type of nail polish is different, as it is something that is completely unpredictable. You use the nail polish, and then simply allow the polish to crackle wherever it feels like crackling.

This look can be bold and interesting, but can also be a little inappropriate. There are some situations where crackle nail polish is a great tool, and others where you may want to reconsider its use. Thinking about all of the ways that you can use this and all of the situations you should avoid its use will help you to get the most out of the trend.

When To Use Crackle Nail Polish

This type of nail polish is the perfect nail polish for a night on the town. Women can use crackle nail polish to add some interest and intrigue to an otherwise regular outfit. They can accessorize with rings and jewelry that plays off of the color to bring even more attention to their trendy nail polish.

The nail polish is also perfect for younger women who are not yet old enough to go out on the town. The nail polish is something that is fun and flirty, which is perfect for those who are looking for some visual interest in their day-to-day look.

When to Not

When you think of this nail polish you think of fun and flirty. And situation where fun and flirty is inappropriate is a situation where crackle nail polish is inappropriate. While it can look interesting for a night out, it looks out of place and can be read wrong in professional settings. If you need to be more demure in the setting you are in, avoid using crackle nail polish.for more information about nail polish organizer use this link.

Crackle nail polish is an interesting trend that is sure to have staying power. If you are looking into this type of nail polish, think about its use before you actually use it. Crackle nail polish is something that you should give serious thought to before you place it on your nails.